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Enrichment through communication

Our lives revolve around communication, whether verbal or written, but we are compelled to interact with other people because we are social beings. Our inner capacity is revealed by living in communities, being part of work collectives, and interacting with others. However, the 19th-century education system, still practiced today, is aimed at training workers who do not have their own voice but obediently listen to orders in silence.

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A Virus-Free Humanity - Breeding a Species Free from Disease and Aging

Why is aging considered a natural process and taken as a self-evident phenomenon? Among us are many carriers of knowledge who can help humanity remember that we are an immortal race. What does immortality even mean? It means the ability of a human to renew their cells until they no longer wish to do so. Currently, we are renewing our cells without even being aware of it, contributing to defects as well.

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Three dreams: awakens cosmic memory

The first time began when I encountered cosmic beings in the dream space. They landed their spaceship in front of my home and invited me on a journey. Stepping out of the dome-shaped starship was a being in an American spacesuit, with an elongated fish-like and reptilian head enclosed in a glass dome. He communicated with me through emotions akin to telepathy and invited me along. The being promised to show me all the expanses of space, civilizations, and worlds.
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Middle-East and spirituality

n summary, the Middle East is undergoing a larger transformation of consciousness and truth manipulation, as observed on a global scale. In Farsi, spoken in Iran, there's a well-known term for raw foodists who consume only living and non-violent food, reflecting a cultural tradition of fresh and living food consumption spanning thousands of years. However, Western media coverage of events in the Middle East often leads to confusion. While multiple crises are indeed occurring, it's crucial to remember that many stem from Western greed.
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