Have you ever felt envy? Is it a good feeling, and should we teach it to children? Sometimes children naturally experience it. Maybe it's better to remove those things from their surroundings.

I pondered these questions when I heard what's happening in Estonia. You know, when a friend does well, and you feel a pang of jealousy. He's driving a Porsche; surely, he's a nasty nouveau riche. Boaster.

My partner got a lot of money... I want that too! No need to desire; we grow when we support each other. My man is lazy—doesn't bring money home. My wife has more money than me—such shame.

A delightful part was in Grand Designs, where an Estonian company, Roofit Solar, put a solar roof on a passive house in England. I was thrilled that a local company got such good advertising (what's your reaction?) And another thing. The house was built by a couple where the wife, a top lawyer, paid her husband to build their house.

I also sometimes feel envy, and that's okay; it's better to accept that feeling. Someone always has it better than me (in some aspect), but I have this and that.

The smartest thing is to create intergenerational wealth, as I've experienced in Finland. If you're part of the family or even an acquaintance, you're supported and taken care of. Wealthy families have created inheritance systems where wealth passes to grandchildren, and direct children learn to manage the family assets.

This system creates a sense of security, loyalty, and a sustainable lineage. Now, if someone out of envy comments that wealthy families are evil, it depends. A strong family is diverse.

Regarding the envy theme, some have commented on whether I'm ruining my posts with advertisements. But you know, I do my work through social media. I share my experience and writing skills voluntarily, giving you the opportunity to benefit even more.

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