Raw Food Masterclass

Welcome to the Raw Food Masterclass! Here is an overview of the main parts of the course and accompanying resources:

The training consists of video lectures (over 3 hours), a virtual handout and facebook support group.

Included in the course:

A handout with over 30 recipes.

Course Modules:

Foundations of Raw Food (60 minutes):

Introduction to the principles of raw food and their impact on health. Essential food groups and their role in raw food nutrition. Practical tips on creating a balanced raw food menu.

Sexy Body (30 minutes):

How raw food can affect overall body well-being and appearance. Food choices that support radiant skin, healthy hair, and overall energy. The connection between raw food and confidence and body relationships.

Obstacles (30 minutes):

Addressing common obstacles in implementing raw food nutrition. Tips on overcoming social challenges and maintaining consistency. Motivational strategies for overcoming challenging days.

Sprouting (30 minutes):

Why sprouted foods are crucial in raw food nutrition. Recipes and ideas for integrating sprouted foods into the daily menu. Included in the course:

A handout covering materials discussed in the course. Over 30 delicious raw food recipes inspiring diverse culinary experiences.

Personalized facebook group where you can ask questions and discuss your raw food journey. Individual guidance and customized recommendations based on your goals.

We are excited that you want to delve deep into the world of raw food! If you have any questions or need clarification, feel free to ask.

The Raw Food course is an investment in your well-being. In this course, you will learn:

How to prepare delicious, visually appealing, and versatile raw food effortlessly. Various methods of processing live foods. How to start with raw food and incorporate it into your daily life. How to preserve vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and antioxidants in food. How food affects your physical and mental health. How your food choices impact the environment.

All rights reserved. The training material is intended to support a wholesome diet and an environmentally friendly lifestyle. It's important to remember that 100% raw food may not be suitable for everyone, and many individuals may choose partial raw food, where only a portion of the food is unprocessed or minimally processed. In case of serious health problems or doubts, consult with a healthcare professional.

The only way to know if this course is suitable for you is to complete it. If the experience and knowledge gained in the course do not satisfy you, we will refund the entire course fee without any questions.
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