Merkaba Soundhealing Ltd is a company founded in 2016. The main areas of activity include offering sound therapeutic concerts, training sessions, and lectures, as well as investments in environmentally ethical stocks.

Sound Healing Concerts: These events feature gongs, crystal singing bowls, and many other musical instruments. Participants listen to the concert while lying down. It is recommended to make oneself as comfortable as possible since the sounds directly penetrate the body, massaging every cell.

Training Sessions and Lectures:
 Covering topics close to our hearts, including lectures on raw food diet, sound therapy, financial matters, permaculture, electroculture, and eco-villages. Training sessions help acquire and apply practical information, while lectures inspire trying out these topics.

Investments in Environmentally Ethical Stocks: Applying our main income to invest in environmentally ethical stocks, accumulate capital, and support businesses engaged in sustainability in their growth.

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