"I discovered something that I'm not ready to share with you yet. However, I'll talk about the side effects that accompanied this mysterious thing. Namely, I found a new breath in a place where I had lost it. Last night, my right cheek burned with the pain of liberation, and I went to the pyramid to adjust the columns.

My sleep ended with a plot similar to a Mummy movie, but the pain disappeared. I was just listening to Tiit Trofimov and Kristiina Raie's conversation. I recommend listening. Tiit shared a similar burning sensation when the heart channel opens.

No, I'm not now a creature full of love, but I'm excited about how the recent sound journeys have been packed houses. And it's all related to expanding the influence of the heart into the atmosphere. I have a feeling that if one finds the energy of service to society, then the ability to serve one's family only emerges.

I used to think it all starts with family, but now I perceive that a man brings quality from afar for serving the domestic soil.

You don't have to understand the previous sentence. But those who have diligently read these writings may have understood that I have gone through dark nights of the soul. Everything seems fine on the surface, but when the burden of duty presses, the soul cries, and finally, when spring arrives, the little soul sighs with relief.

Although I am still sprouting from the darkness, there has been a qualitative change in some emotional aspect. And I won't share more because this thing still needs anchoring in its vast depth.

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