Does raw food suit our cold winters?

Fortunately, we don't live outdoors. We live in relatively tropical indoor conditions, and we spend less time outside during the winter than we could. We also bundle up before leaving the house to stay warm. However, we still want to warm ourselves up with food and hot drinks.

We debunk the myth that raw food is cold and cooling. It doesn't have to be that way at all. There are different ways to create warmth in the body with raw food. In addition to being able to warm food up to 45 degrees while preserving its life, you can also add warming spices. For example, cinnamon to smoothies, chili to soup, ginger to date drinks, etc.

Fruit doesn't have to be cold either. By keeping your fruit at room temperature, they are perfectly warm and enjoyable to eat right away. Keeping fruit in the refrigerator is not advisable. Fruits bought from the store are often raw, and fruits at room temperature ripen further, making them more digestible for the body.

In the autumn, it's always good to dry your own apples and other produce to enjoy during the winter. Additionally, you can make many delicious dishes with a dehydrator to enjoy warm. For example, raw pizza, patties, breadsticks. The dehydrator is a useful tool for successfully warming up various foods at a low enough temperature to preserve life. Instead of a dehydrator, you can also use an oven at the lowest temperature with the door slightly ajar.

When warming up food on the stove, it should be stirred constantly to heat evenly and avoid overheating from the bottom. The food is warm enough when it doesn't burn. For example, raw soups can be warmed up on the stove this way.

Take care of your inner warmth more in the winter. Go to the sauna, exercise, brisk walk outdoors, move, toughen up. When consuming a larger amount of raw food, the initial cause of feeling cold may also be weight loss. In that case, make sure the food is more nutritious if weight loss is not the goal. Usually, the result of raw food consumption is better circulation and, consequently, more body warmth.

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