Rat race

When I entered the rat race, I also decided to exit on four wheels. I noticed yesterday that there's an integration of different worlds within me.

Namely, for the past 10 years, I've earnestly believed that the world is changing. More human-friendly financial systems are emerging, the foundations of society are shifting, and communities are being created.

This is the information to believe in the external. To believe in advocates and cheerleaders. Over the past 2-3 years, I've started to doubt the entire learned field of therapy, energy healing, and our own ability to create reality.

I no longer believe that we create solely with our feelings, but we need to take concrete steps to implement our feelings into reality.

I long dreamed of how sound therapy would evolve on its own and I would just show up in service, but it didn't pan out. I realized that I need to learn to direct my will with clear steps and learn more from the business world.

Yesterday we visited friends, and I was asked what currently has my attention. It's purely about understanding the world of money at the moment.

Surely, a synthesizer needs to learn the core of what it's changing to transform its life. I'm not interested in the topic that FIAT currencies are a scam, etc., because we depend on them.

Several people got offended with me on Facebook because they consider themselves "more spiritual" than me when I claimed that it's important to understand the world that makes matter spin. A friend visited us and heard that I attended the Entrepreneurial Man conference and remarked that if I'm very connected with the subtle fields as Simo, then dealing with the practical world only brings benefits.

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