n summary, the Middle East is undergoing a larger transformation of consciousness and truth manipulation, as observed on a global scale. In Farsi, spoken in Iran, there's a well-known term for raw foodists who consume only living and non-violent food, reflecting a cultural tradition of fresh and living food consumption spanning thousands of years. However, Western media coverage of events in the Middle East often leads to confusion. While multiple crises are indeed occurring, it's crucial to remember that many stem from Western greed.

I'm not claiming that people there live perfectly or correctly, but rather emphasizing that our European lifestyle and the worldview in the Middle East could learn much from each other. The coup in Libya began when the ruler refused to sell oil to Europe at a favorable price, while the Arab Spring was sparked by leaders rejecting Western lifestyles, although NATO and America sought financial gains from the region.

Observing the situation raises questions about whether there has been a decline in consciousness or if media manipulation is inciting greater violence among the masses.

The current crisis in Afghanistan is a stark example of how souls within bodies can fall asleep. The Taliban, the current governing organization, banned all music in Afghanistan during their previous rule, despite every person being a resonating being with a song within them. I must emphasize that I'm not an authority to speak on this matter, having grown up in a welfare society and not experiencing true suffering in life.

I can draw parallels to our situation in Estonia, where we had the Singing Revolution. The Estonian people sang themselves free from oppressive dictatorial rule. Collective choir singing helped liberate and bring about significant changes in collective consciousness. Yet, our song festivals occurred even before the Soviet era! And spiritual poverty breeds violence, as seen in the Middle East, though it hasn't always been the case there.

The conflicts in the Middle East over recent decades have been linked to oil, as the USA has sought to strengthen its global power. America has been a leading force in creating global dictatorship, manipulating ordinary people caught in the whirlwind of political conflicts. In Syria, a civil war began due to three years of famine (in addition to good relations with Russia). In Afghanistan, America built up a terrorist organization, invaded the country with its military, and eventually left behind immense chaos.

But none of these actions have been for the sake of the people; rather, they've been driven by power and greed. One of the first agreements the current US president made was to sell weapons to the United Arab Emirates, the first country to recognize the Taliban's rule.

But that's not the crux of the matter; politics is evil, and we need to learn to see the people behind it. I want to emphasize that the people in those regions have possessed and still possess immense spiritual power to create beauty.

Persia has used beautiful textiles for thousands of years, and the Middle East has diverse musical traditions, among other things. But one thing that unsettles people is hunger, yet hunger can be alleviated by cleverly restoring deserts through the mud found in rivers. This requires attention to both the nature living off oil and to humans themselves because in the West, we tend to point fingers, claiming darkness in the Middle East, when in reality, things are much more complex.

Instead, we could understand that music is what unites us and helps people understand each other. Currently, due to the virus, there was an attempt to ban public performances, including music, which uplifts our souls. Prohibition is a fast track to decline, as we actually live under invisible oppressive control.

It's said that we sang ourselves free, but we were brought an invisible dictatorship whose egregore is the god of money. We appear to be free, yet our media teaches us to point fingers at slightly foreign cultures, saying they're worse off than us. Human rights are violated in Arabia, but they're also violated here, and human bodies are shamed (at one point, it came out that many bank pension funds are directed towards the pornographic industry).

My message to you is that not everything is black and white but rather more colorful, like Native American headdresses or Persian indigenous clothing because ignorance in society is a phenomenon of the past century. I believe we are capable of more than transparent, repulsive violence, but we need to learn to respect each other and what initially seems foreign and unknown.

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