Three dreams: awakens cosmic memory

The first time began when I encountered cosmic beings in the dream space. They landed their spaceship in front of my home and invited me on a journey. Stepping out of the dome-shaped starship was a being in an American spacesuit, with an elongated fish-like and reptilian head enclosed in a glass dome. He communicated with me through emotions akin to telepathy and invited me along. The being promised to show me all the expanses of space, civilizations, and worlds.

In a vision, I saw us traveling through space and experiencing various opportunities to embody in the multiverse. I became so frightened that I ran back into my body in the astral realm and woke up. After that dream, intense cosmic information started flowing to me, along with information, experiences, and scrolls about races living on stars, and the true history of the Earth began to unfold.

The second dream was at a time when a friend told me that we can consciously see dreams or "lucid dream." I was excited and went straight into the dream world in bed that evening. Through a somewhat difficult-to-achieve body, I found myself at the center of the universe at one point. I experienced myself as one with the ultimate source of all existence. It was the most powerful spiritual experience of my life, and nine years ago, I became a vegetarian overnight.

Not a single family member understood why this was happening, and I became interested in spirituality and self-healing. A new era of personal development began.

The last dream was a few months ago when I was at an internal war. One night, I left my body and saw myself sleeping. The astral space was very exciting, and I wanted to do something useful. I started meditating; in front of me, a pink heart space opened, and I went through it, and suddenly, I was in interstellar space.

Before me unfolded the entire history of cosmic wars, as the Vedas speak of them. Anthroposophists have described the ends of world ages, and I realized that I am one of the players on the cosmic stage. Life became a game, and I became a role player.

I wish that your dreams, too, are radiant and consciousness-expanding. We have a shared spiritual mission on this planet and a game to manage together with the possibility of stepping out of our roles.

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