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Three dreams: awakens cosmic memory

The first time began when I encountered cosmic beings in the dream space. They landed their spaceship in front of my home and invited me on a journey. Stepping out of the dome-shaped starship was a being in an American spacesuit, with an elongated fish-like and reptilian head enclosed in a glass dome. He communicated with me through emotions akin to telepathy and invited me along. The being promised to show me all the expanses of space, civilizations, and worlds.
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Here’s something I am not ready to share with you

"I discovered something that I'm not ready to share with you yet. However, I'll talk about the side effects that accompanied this mysterious thing. Namely, I found a new breath in a place where I had lost it. Last night, my right cheek burned with the pain of liberation, and I went to the pyramid to adjust the columns.
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