The first time began when in the dream space I encountered cosmic beings landing their spaceship in front of my home, inviting me on a journey. An entity in an American spacesuit, with an elongated fish and reptile-like head inside a glass dome, stepped out of the dome-shaped starship. Communicating through emotions resembling telepathy, it invited me to explore the vastness, civilizations, and worlds of the cosmos.

In a vision, I witnessed traveling through space, embodying different forms in the multiverse. Overwhelmed, I returned to my body in the astral realm, waking up. After that dream, intense cosmic information flowed to me, revealing details about races living on stars and unveiling Earth's true history.

The second dream occurred when a friend introduced me to "lucid dreaming." Excited, I entered the dream world that night and, achieving a rare body experience, found myself at the center of the universe. Experiencing unity with all existence, it became a profound spiritual moment, leading me to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle nine years ago, sparking an interest in spirituality and self-healing.

The last dream, a few months ago, involved an astral journey during an inner conflict. Projecting out of my body, I observed myself asleep and entered a captivating astral space. Meditating, I passed through a pink heart center, finding myself in interdimensional space. The entire history of cosmic wars unfolded before me, realizing I play a role on the cosmic stage, influenced by anthroposophical descriptions of world ages.

May your dreams be luminous and consciousness-expanding. We share a spiritual mission on this planet and a collective opportunity to transcend our roles.

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