Let's talk about 5 myths in raw foodism 🙈🍑

  1. Raw food is expensive:

Reality: While some exclusive raw ingredients may be costly, many raw food ingredients are budget-friendly. Seasonal fruits, vegetables, and local produce can be affordable.

2. Raw food is complicated:

Reality: Many raw food recipes are simple and quick to prepare. Smoothies, salads, sprouts, and fruits are just a few examples of fast and easy raw food options.

3. Raw food doesn't suit our climate:

Reality: Raw food is adaptable and can work in various climatic conditions. Seasonal and local foods are excellent choices to tailor raw foodism to fit the climate.

4. Raw food doesn't provide enough nutrition:

Reality: Raw food can supply all necessary nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Combining different foods helps ensure a nutrient-rich diet.

5. The body doesn't need heated food:

Reality: Raw food offers unique advantages, preserving enzymes and vitamins that are often lost through cooking.

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