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As one gradually lightens their state of consciousness, a natural inclination arises in the body to align with that heightened awareness. Leaving behind cooked, boiled, and fried foods brings about significant changes in a person's life. Externally, they become more vibrant; their cheeks begin to flush, and existing ailments within the body start to heal. Most importantly, internal quality undergoes a transformation. Thought speed increases manifold, and the individual learns to steer their life and infuse it with meaning.

He feels good - incredibly light. Engaging in self-work creates a natural vortex, generating a radiant field around the body. The person's aura becomes beautiful, expressing a harmonious and unified being. Kindness becomes the most important quality that manifests. They learn to be powerful and beautiful. The need for food diminishes steadily. Some days, they eat once or twice, embracing intermittent fasting, and laugh like a child.

They run, exercise, and engage in creative pursuits. This is the recipe for a healthy life – wellness stems from one's attitude towards oneself. By creating health in the inner world, its reflection manifests in the outer world. Everything within the body harmonizes and strives towards balance. The body doesn't actually demand much food, as it nourishes itself from fresh air, water, and sunlight. The primary driver for excessive eating is stress – the reason why overeating is prevalent in today's world. On the other hand, starvation in human society occurs for similar reasons as overeating; it emerges from fear, depleting the body's self-renewing cellular system.

Expanding one's consciousness allows for a light way of nourishing oneself. Going days without eating and undertaking challenging athletic feats become possible. The person doesn't crave food - they are content. They eat when hungry, sometimes enjoying 4-5 meals a day. It's all relative, but this lightness is marvelous. Occasionally, there may be relapses into old routines, or situations may arise where non-raw food is offered.

Cleansing oneself sufficiently resolves this issue. While everything can be eaten, maintaining a consistent background of raw food consumption is crucial. In the grand scheme, minor deviations are forgivable. The most sensitive among us might notice how the smell of bodily fluids can drastically change a few hours after consuming cooked/refined food. Sweat secretion intensifies, urine tone and scent change. The pleasant body scent is replaced by a much stronger one. Fortunately, the body quickly responds to its environment, and by paying attention, we begin to understand what it truly needs at any given moment.

An integral part of the lifestyle is purification, immersion in a natural environment, and aligning with brainwave frequencies. By doing things we love, we share our wonderful life experiences. Grab a carrot, beetroot, turnip, or banana and chew them with genuine joy. It's important to note that following certain things can lead to waves of internal fanaticism. People may start to worship a specific lifestyle where everything has to be 100%. A much healthier approach is to be in a state of holistic affirmation, "Live and Let Live."

There are many different diets in the world, and the most sensible approach is to start by consuming 50% raw food daily. From there, follow the inner guidance, whether to eat a little more or less every day until the food choice is around 85%-100% raw. The author hasn't abandoned their buckwheat bread over the years because "It's just so delicious!" It's essential to be inspired to eat living foods, discovering one's body and feeling the immense lightness that can unfold through nutrition.

Many people eat until they are bloated and sink into the sofa – not understanding the source of their heaviness. With raw food, one can naturally follow a similar path, but it's not necessary. Cleansing oneself sufficiently leads to an understanding of the true nutritional value of food. There's an internal navigation system that senses the amount of life energy in the food. Rest periods are necessary, but they don't have to depend on food; they can come from something else. The energy spent on digestion can be used in a completely different direction by eating lighter/less.

Healthy nutrition inspires us to move, create, and be active. Hopefully, the reader finds something beautiful there. To be more alive, powerful, and pleasant. In the past year, as I have eaten a lot of raw food, my muscle mass has grown, and my body weight has increased by about 6-7 kilograms. Previously, when I was more introverted, I have started to open up and connect with my body.

Heavy physical tasks have become easier, stretching exercises are enjoyable (some are still challenging), and through nutrition, I have found a connection with the source. The way I keep myself in shape daily has become a part of self-expression. Exercise should be an enjoyable part of life every day, motivating one to be athletic. By following natural biorhythms and eating lightly, there is a lightness in the muscles, and the recovery time is quite short. I don't exert too much force, but I consistently keep myself in shape every day! A significant aid in this is my nutrition cycles, needs, and the food I enjoy. I eat with ease and live lightly. Thank you!

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