Thought creates an universe with a sound

Sounds have the ability to heal the soul and reveal the true essence of who one is, guiding us to remember. They cleanse the soul from patterns it has accumulated throughout life. In the current civilization, humanity has been exploring the understanding of the human essence through the physical body. However, soon everything that has been will change, and our collective consciousness will begin to sense itself through the spirit.

We begin to comprehend how thought creates our body, and then we can set aside surgical interventions, allowing ourselves to experience wholeness through the power of the spirit. Pioneers are doing the work to purify their bodies to reach a balanced state and create the archetype of an ensouled human.

In the past century, we have learned to mend broken bones, perform intricate brain surgeries, and, like the Romans, heal eyes. However, the body has within it all that is needed to achieve this through internal intuition.

For this purpose, we are on a journey to free ourselves from external influences and learn to use the healing power of the spirit through sounds. Gongs have the ability to gift us the touch of purity, through which we learn to create a clear world through self-realization.

Ultimately, we live in service, but first, we need to learn to serve ourselves so that we can offer flashes of light from the source of the universe to Mother Earth. The hum of the gong speaks in an endless manner and, as a tool, illuminates the corridors of our knowledge.

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