With a constant focus on healthy food choices you can change your body odor!

You know, speaking frankly, as a society, we need to make a lifestyle change. Swap out spaghetti, chips, and bread. Stop producing vomit to avoid unpleasant smells. Yes, eating fresh reduces body odor. Someone once asked me what deodorant I use, and I realized I haven't used any for maybe 10 years! At home, we use DoTerra oil spray daily, but I notice it when I eat something other than fresh food—I start sweating and smelling.

Nightmares when waking up sweaty. No, everything is fine with the body. It just cleans itself quickly in standard mode.

I hear from studies that youth depression is increasing, and manifestations of trans fats, smartphones, and anti-social behavior are rising. Let them eat 50% more fresh and give their brains an advantage in outperforming their competitors because they are simply better problem solvers.

But in the end, we need to help ourselves to break free from mediocrity. Yes, mediocre is boring, but every person is unique, and sometimes help doesn't reach those in need.

I don't care what lifestyle changes a person has to make; I just care that they do it for their health. Whether you eat a lot of meat on keto, go hunting in the forest, eat raw food—what matters is that our lifestyle guides us to live and find passion in life.

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