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With a constant focus on healthy food choices you can change your body odor!

You know, speaking frankly, as a society, we need to make a lifestyle change. Swap out spaghetti, chips, and bread. Stop producing vomit to avoid unpleasant smells. Yes, eating fresh reduces body odor. Someone once asked me what deodorant I use, and I realized I haven't used any for maybe 10 years! At home, we use DoTerra oil spray daily, but I notice it when I eat something other than fresh food—I start sweating and smelling.
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Does Raw Food suit our cold winter?

Fortunately, we don't live outdoors. We reside in relatively tropical indoor conditions and spend less time outside during the winter than we could. We also bundle up in thick clothes before venturing out to keep our bodies warm. However, we still want to warm ourselves with food and hot drinks.
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Raw Hemp balls

Yesterday, we dove into the vibrant topic of spicing up our lives, and just like magic, we've stumbled upon another dazzling superfood—introducing the Hemp Rolls! And guess what? Luck was on our side as the Great Mother Superior of Hay Lake herself bestowed her blessing upon them.

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