"Do you remember those who were humble, God-fearing, and loving towards the living, whose pillars of life were based on humility, love, honesty, and transparency?"

These were the Pelasgians who lived in the regions of Thrace, Illyria, Macedonia, and Greece before they were expelled, and were associated with cultures that loved to wage war.

The sons of Pelasgus consumed the fresh fruits of the Earth, picked olives from the sea, sweetly indulged in fruits – friends of nature who lived in simplicity and connection with the soil they were born to inhabit.

Conservationist children of nature and forefathers of the Essene communities, who inherited the teachings of the Atlantis and Pythagoras schools, kept secret from those who had embraced the eye of evil.

Eating only fresh and living, the greatest soul food for the bipedal, and walking barefoot until the Roman government arrived, introducing sandals and a bald head to wield the most powerful war machine ever seen.

Alexander the Great, a pioneer of the culture of war, still understood the sanctity of the Earth, and his soldiers marched to the farthest eastern plateaus barefoot, as the people of that time walked barefoot on the soil.

The sacred teachings of the Essenes, hidden from warrior cultures, helped people understand aspects of the universe – a profession suitable for everyone based on their unique star chart.

Each one was equally revered, from the craftsman to the scholar. Branches of knowledge were divided into three: Earth, Sun, and Cosmos, just like communication with different beings: Earthly, Celestial, and Extraterrestrial.

A time when tuning into the soul's sound and each individual's harmony with the universe through connection with the Earth, nutrition, and humility was prevalent.

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