"Our previous greenhouse started falling apart after the first storm, and oh, how it fell apart! It was destroyed in the storm. Three storms and Palram is rubble. So the lesson learned: never buy rubbish from Israel."

Actually, the topic is related to trust. I naively believe in people because I myself want to speak the truth, but I'm fed all sorts of nonsense. As a result, I've taken on stupid responsibilities.

Yesterday, while tapping trees in the garden, my mind started to wander, and I immediately wanted to implement a big vision. I'm such a practical person that I want to try things right away.

Mirjam suggested making a sofa frame above the back door. I was like, okay, but how could I start doing that at 10:00 PM when I should be sleeping?

In a couple of days, I'll start digging the foundation for the dome greenhouse with a shovel. At the same time, her old greenhouse foundation is standing there.

Should I use the glass from the previous building and build a wooden frame, or should I drill holes in metal to make a curved greenhouse from water pipes?

Both options are tempting. And oh, how I would love olive trees, fig trees, and grapevines. To plant them in the greenhouse (or greenhouses). Maybe I need to move away from Estonia and buy a €1 house in Sicily.

Actually, I believe that all the cool systems can be made to work here too. A greenhouse with heating from Jundap. With electroculture, beets the size of my head grew. 😮 Try it yourself.

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