From worry to worry-free

Why are things falling apart here in our reality? Because we worry about things. Very simple! Actually, I'm naturally very carefree, but that's because of my innate disposition. I can create for today, for the present moment, and as for tomorrow, I'm completely indifferent.

But I don't live in the Middle Ages... although history was my favorite subject in school, and I still find experiencing the past interesting.

But in the meantime, I glance at world affairs through the media or stories I hear. Last night, I was intrigued by the thought that the danger of war is screaming nearby, but I don't feel it that way.

My feeling is something else. Maybe that's why I've been activated lately. I send you mass posts about sound journeys, nutrition, and offers. "Change your life with one breath." One thing I feel is that we have been ensnared...

Ensnared by our own back, namely the European Union and the "republican" government in quotation marks.

Fortunately, it doesn't bother me that political machinations are happening because our rule of law is based on deception anyway. It's theater, my friend! But I feel that the people here need to be caressed, not helped, but caressed.

To perform an energetic cleansing that leads people to clear actions because even from the Bible, you can read that our faith is to live in the present moment without believing in future winds. We create our current experience, and everything else is shaped by the influences of the moment.

Therefore, it is extremely important at this moment to tune ourselves, to seek spheres where the soul feels good and the body starts to buzz with pleasure.

Let's not look at things day by day with a plan, but let's look at how I can be the best version of myself in every moment and create a feeling right now. This is reality creation simplified. Nothing else matters. I mold myself... blabla... doesn't help.

We need to deal with our emotions, tensions, and feelings that are often above bodily awareness because through them, we reach our core essence. By learning to eat well, we can also better manage our emotions. ;)

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