I'm currently putting together materials for our awesome course "Body Cleansing 101." Here are some interesting fasts I've come across:

  1. Ramadan: fasting from sunrise to sunset, but eating before and after (my stomach started hurting).
  2. 7 chakra smoothie fast: drinking only one color smoothie each day (I turned purple).
  3. One form of Orthodox fasting: abstaining from meat, eggs, and dairy on Wednesdays and Fridays (have I accidentally turned myself into a Christian faster :O).
  4. Juice fast: consuming only freshly pressed juice (some just drink juice).
  5. Fruit fast: eating only fruits (okay, but I'll bake myself a banana cake).

These are examples when we forget about purifying the soul and spirit. No, I'm not religious. I'm for human purity, so that our childlike wonder opens up and we start seeing the world with fresh eyes.

That's why cleansing should be gradual and not focus on the eccentric details of our chosen method. It depends on the feeling we aim for, and for some, quitting meat brings about purification, where antibiotics and other substances start leaving the body.

It's important to maintain balance within ourselves and gradually move towards spiritual purity. A pure person is one who can play around like a child, boundlessly silly, yet understands others' feelings, showing empathy.

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