"If we didn't trade, we would live in an Eco Village.

Actually, the most important thing is human freedom: when serfdom was abolished in Estonia in 1816 and in Livonia in 1819, we have only been free for a while. Before the abolition of serfdom, there were raids by Mongols and Tatars in our lands, Karelia, and actually throughout the territories of Kalevala, where people were abducted and enslaved.

Blonde women and children were especially valued, taken to the Crimean Peninsula, and mostly sold as slaves to the Turks. Freedom is the ability to choose what each person does with their life. Of course, let's not delve into the realm of the Green Revolution and Equality, but the author must now mention that the European approach to equality is numbing to the human psyche.

Because men and women are equalized through trans fats, physical characteristics, and thinking. Europeans have forgotten that woman is the ultimate being and man is a tool for her service.

In addition to labor and serfdom, we have also traded respecting the legacy of Mesopotamian civilizations. The most valuable possession is time. And with the rapid advancement of technology, we have more time than the Christian calendar anticipates.

Our time is freed from serfdom, and by creating clever systems, we can free ourselves from doing other people's work. I argue that it is worth working for oneself. The body is the holiest treasure of every person, it is worth listening to and respecting, but not giving it to be used everywhere casually. Of course, I use my body to work. I do it wisely, I eat healthily, and I exercise a lot, but most importantly - I spend time in nature.

We can build mighty cities, but as long as we are separated from nature, we are far from our true potential and purpose. Human society could be based on village communities, where there is mutual natural trading. There is no need to get rich because everyone has enough, people are heard, and their natural interests are awakened.

As an example, in today's world, an individual with engineering qualities could go far in building biogenetic vehicles. An individual like the author could express their creativity by creating structures from stones and offering astral travel to other planets for the village community.

Every person is special and has a certain task that they can achieve in life if they wish. There are various tasks - architects, engineers, caregivers, nurses, mediators... My job is to help other people remember their cosmic task. Of course, the topic of our book is money, but why not get rich and build eco-villages?

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