A Virus-Free Humanity - Breeding a Species Free from Disease and Aging

Why is aging considered a natural process and taken as a self-evident phenomenon? Among us are many carriers of knowledge who can help humanity remember that we are an immortal race. What does immortality even mean? It means the ability of a human to renew their cells until they no longer wish to do so. Currently, we are renewing our cells without even being aware of it, contributing to defects as well.

We have allowed our bodies to become ill. There may have been a time when individuals of humanity could live for thousands of years without falling ill, but then a meteorite struck Earth, bringing along a bunch of foreign organisms, or viruses. The encounter with viruses was the first step in which human bodies began to weaken, because in later times, other bioweapons have also been created.

I'll highlight two additional factors besides viruses. The first is deficiency awareness: we know that something is lacking in our lives, whether it's enough food, money, happiness, or something else essential to the individual. We start chasing after it and exhaust the body's glandular system, leading to aging. It's very difficult to rid ourselves of these programs, or should we now change the program of feeling "hard"?

We can change our lives in one second if we decide to do so. The second bioweapon is poor food quality. The food alteration plan was deliberately put into use during ancient Egypt, although signs were already present earlier, then in Egypt, the decision was made to reduce the lifespan of the entire human race through food.

I'm interested in how we rediscover the source of our immortality and how a person can remain alive and healthy in their body for as long as they wish. Let's start with small steps aiming for a lifespan of 200 years, but from there, infinity is already a possibility. Please do not misunderstand - aging is not bad, and immortality is not good; what is important is the freedom of choice, which has been taken away from us over the ages. Let's demand back what is inherently important to us.

We are heading towards the branching of a virus-free human type, but for that, it is time to start cleaning and organizing our planet's ecosystems. We are on the way to better food, trade, and lifestyle.

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