Enrichment through communication

Our lives revolve around communication, whether verbal or written, but we are compelled to interact with other people because we are social beings. Our inner capacity is revealed by living in communities, being part of work collectives, and interacting with others. However, the 19th-century education system, still practiced today, is aimed at training workers who do not have their own voice but obediently listen to orders in silence.

Many of us were told as children: you speak only when the chicken pees, you don't need to sing, be quiet when you can...

Our ability to earn a living or actually create wealth depends on our ability to express ourselves. Asking questions does not hurt. I have learned to ask for riches, I have learned to make offers. You know what offers are? When I made an offer to my wife, will you marry me, then I became rich. But an offer can also be asking for a discount at a gas station or skillfully communicating with a customer to sell them a million-worth property with a building. Offering is a mutual communication, whether asking or giving something. Right now, as you read this text, you are offering your attention to what I have written, and I am offering you my knowledge. We exchange energy with each other.

Unfortunately, the elementary skill of communication has been left in the shadows. We don't learn it in school, children escape into the shadow of screens, and a silent society remains. But every fear can be overcome.

When I went to the bank to ask for money to finish building a house, I was afraid, but I did it. Or when I wrote 200 emails to different companies to offer them our products. It was terrifying. Every time overcoming my little fear - I have become stronger and more skilled.

I'm no longer bothered when I invite acquaintances to my groups or call and offer a solution to someone that they might need. And if I'm told no, I'm okay with it because I got to test myself again.

It's not the offeror who is bad, but the offering itself. One day a telemarketer called me offering the Order of the National Coat of Arms. He read the entire script from a paper, and I asked him: why he's reading it, it's not interesting to listen to, and we ended the call. The next day, an Elisa salesperson offered us a new internet package, and I started telling him about our life and everything else.

As a result, we had a great conversation with the salesman, and we got a new internet at home and the salesman got a banana bread recipe. We both had a good time because we improvised and listened to each other.

But it's important to consider that writing is also a part of speaking, the more we write, the better we learn to articulate our words in speech. 😉

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