Dragon people Finns

The Baltic Finns are a dragon people! I realized something profound! Kalevala is located in Estonia, Finland, and Latvia. Remembering our history makes us strong!

The reason I am currently engaged in teaching speaking lies in something deeper. It is time for us to embrace our history as Estonians, Finns, Ingrians, and Livonians.

Through knowing our past, we grow stronger. Our strength is linked to a vibrant population; currently, Estonia and Finland are experiencing negative population growth, and both nations are facing political repression.

Our history has been obscured by the interpretation of the Germanic conquerors, and we have been made to hate Russia as a country of invaders, but in reality, our history has been usurped by the West.

The part of Russia beyond the Urals has been the land of our kindred peoples, and both terms, Russes and Russians, come from the ancient language of the Finno-Ugric peoples. Russ means Finno-Ugric, and Vene means boat. One of the names of the people of Kalevala is Vends, or Venelased.

I visited Denmark for the first time as a child, and the people there are proud of their history. Weekly war games take place in Denmark, Vikings are talked about to children, and you can feel how straight and proud the residents are of their history.

Danes dare to tell their story because they know they are powerful.

But did you know that the southernmost part of the Kalevala country bordered with Väinalinn (Daugavpils)? The northernmost part bordered with southern Finland. Kalevala was a unified maritime state, probably centered around Saaremaa, where the Pisuhänd, or Kaali meteorite, also landed.

In northern Finland, there was Kajaani (Kainuu kingdom) with its kings, who were closely connected to Kalevala. The kings of Kainuu were once associated with the rule of Britain.

In the sarcophagus depicting the last battle of the ancient Finns in Turku, Kalevala's power is depicted with the flag of the Lohemao (Pisuhänd or dragon snake). The same flag symbolizes our language, 'the man who knew the words of the snake.'

Ancient Viking ships (Viking vened) had dragon snake images on their ship bows. Trade took place over thousands of kilometers to Byzantium, Venice, and Cornwall.

These facts help us remember that we have been a mighty people. I often see, while teaching the art of speech, how people are afraid to express their essence because we have been made to forget the true story of our people!

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