We support sound masters, traders, and creators to form a more sensitive society. Are you one of them?

Our cosmic memory is starting to recover, and it only recovers through allowing, if we allow ourselves to feel, but to feel, we need to start cleansing. Every person is a cell in a larger network. We operate as a collective mechanism, but not in the same way as animals guided by instincts. We operate with feeling, intelligence, and instinct all at once. We can lead the body from three places that can be called: the heart, the head, and the gut.

But there is little time left for remembering before processes begin that will completely change our perception of reality. We think our commercial world order will last forever, but soon our trading systems will evolve. We will learn to trade with new assets that have been used before but will be used in a new way in a few years. Some of the trade will be digitized for a while, but at some point, humanity's economic model will return to being organic. 

It will no longer be possible to distribute wealth unequally or manipulate market prices through taking excessive profits. Instead, we will start seeing organic gift economies in their advanced form. At first, I think I'll give you a gift and you'll give me a gift, but not quite. The mature and evolved gift economy of society is something much deeper. 

Collective consciousness perceives the surpluses and deficits in the system and compensates for abundance and scarcity at the earliest opportunity. As humanity perceives itself as a common organism, a superpower opens up, which is assisting each other. Before that, we will trade in real assets for a while, where one element, whose name I will not reveal yet, will play a significant role in the world economy. 

How much do we help each other now? How often are the elderly left in need, children crying, and some individuals even dying. There is too much of this in our current stage of development, but it is all changing and even faster than we can currently imagine. That is also the reason why I engage in sound therapy, to accelerate my journey and on the other hand, to tune into my original nature amidst all the violence we experience as a collective. 

My wish is to see more Sound Masters who together create the Song of the New World, which is a quote from the brilliant documentary about Tom Kenyon. Are you one of us who has decided to change yourself and through this give permission for the song of the universe to resonate with your own voice?

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