Printing money is a scam

When reflecting on where we have come with our action plan, it's strange to observe the current state of the world. Fiat currency is a medium of exchange (representative money) with no intrinsic value of its own. The term "fiat" comes from Latin and means "let it be done." Source: Wikipedia.

We have created a commercial experiment, and its third phase is currently underway. Its first phase was the liberation of money's value from gold or some other value, the second phase was the 2008 financial crisis, where valueless money was printed massively, creating a class-based financial gap. The third phase aims to eliminate physical money and fully transition trade to digital form.

London is the world's money laundering center, where all the world's illicit money is laundered, because empty money printing originated from the Bank of England. The bank was given the right to print money in 1694. This move was somewhat significant as it marked the beginning of a quiet power shift from royal treasuries to private trade. Essentially, it initiated an oligarchy.

Our media mostly mentions Russian oligarchs, but in reality, this corrupt model occurs throughout global trade, where a certain elite holds the majority of the world's assets.

In 1707, the English Parliament was created. In the 19th and 20th centuries, the parliament's legislation was reformed several times to reduce the rights of the royal family, which coincided with the strengthening of Great Britain's global power position. In Britain, the ancient maritime law of the Baltic Finns was reformed into modern maritime law.

Later, Great Britain broke into parts, partly through the separation of the commercial power elite. First, the United States was formed, and later several other countries whose legislative basis is based on maritime law. This commercial legal system has directly influenced virtually the entire world's law. Thus, the entire trade-based legal system is linked to the original authorization for the Bank of England to print paper money.

The era of digital currency is a narrow-minded plan to destroy a value-based societal model, but in a larger sense, creating digital currency also undermines the oligarchic commercial model, where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Digital currency has spawned a counterpart, cryptocurrency, which ensures free exchange of value, but humanity tires of complete digitized trading and begins to again use precious metals as the basis for commercial transactions.

Later, this digital and precious metal trade evolves into a higher-frequency occurring natural economy, where people's core needs, not basic needs, are understood. Core needs give everyone in humanity permission to express their true role in society through the task of pure creative expression. At the moment, creating life through the soul is somewhat difficult for many individuals. We are governed by a certain framework, regulations, and financial constraints.

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