Soul, Body, and Spirit: The Trinity Kept in Secret!

But when we understand what we truly need, we desire peace and seek to find freedom through the actions we take. Yet often, we stand in our own way without even understanding why.

We have created states, nations, and sanctuaries to worship. We have found a common wealth that has become sacred from beliefs. Urged to work without thought, granting ourselves the freedom to serve something outside ourselves.

Our object of worship has become Mammon, for we live in an age where spiritual truths have become distant, and we have learned to value the animalistic aspects of our bodies. Nevertheless, hope still resides within us, no longer tied to the will of individual humanity but to the collective progress driven by the planet Earth.

An era is dawning where we emerge from past cataclysms, but before this path can be realized, we need to release ourselves from our shackles.

We have been led to believe that we are subject to our bodies—our bodies need care, understanding, and experience, yet in our blind faith, we have forgotten the true nature of the body.

The body consists of three forms, all interconnected like ice, water, and steam. The Trinity expressed by the church as father, son, and holy spirit is actually the three principles of matter that create the fourth, the whole.

Body, Soul, and Spirit working together towards a greater purpose. By recognizing the equal relationship of these three aspects, we begin to breathe fully, no longer hindered by limitations. It is precisely the limited experience of ourselves, focusing on satisfying the needs of the body while neglecting the needs of the soul and spirit.

The soul longs to breathe, to infuse our being with vitality, so that the zest for life becomes endless.

The soul is the experiencer, like a driver guiding the body and enjoying the journey within. The soul is the center around which the body formulates, and its task is to receive signals sent by the spirit.

The spirit holds information about our entire being, and from it, we receive inspiration to begin experiencing our lives in the body.

A living human is sovereign; they do not need freedom from laws because they stand above the law in their freedom. They do not need to be fed or clothed because they can sense and find what they need from the informational field. Of course, experiencing this world together is more enjoyable; we can clothe each other, trade, and help, but it is important to distinguish whether our actions are driven by forced necessity or chosen freedom.

Currently, we live in an age where often events override freedom, and we are forced to choose activities related to self-sustainment. One moment we depart from this need-based world and arrive in a world where we can receive direct signals from the spirit.

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