Liver is the organ of love, but it cannot tolerate Alcohol!

We could start contemplating about creating wealth because we are using a very rare language. In fact, all the Baltic-Finnic languages are full of powerful words that help us better sense creation.

Ancient hunters avoided naming things. One must be careful when naming things because what we name becomes true. Keeping the language behind the teeth is sometimes very useful.

Our language is filled with words of creation, but it is important to keep our thinking under control because even through thoughts, we create our lives. Often we think something is difficult or we don't have it? That way, we give away power from our liver. Whatever the cost, I want it!

The liver has been the organ of power for ancient Baltic-Finns. There was no heart-to-heart dealings, but power given by the liver was used.

Drinking strong spirits has been a cunning way to destroy the power of indigenous peoples, including the rural folk or our ancestors. Perhaps we need to start restoring the inherent power within us.

Because the latest studies show that trauma can be passed down through generations. For example, my ancestors loved to drink a lot of strong drinks, so their locked power has also reached me. As a committed teetotaler, I need to work with my personal power to free the liver from its burden.

Next, we can discuss taxes. By paying for an item, we give away our power for a barter transaction. Taxes need to be paid, and in our language, we have tied the payment system for goods to our personal power center, but over generations, we have forgotten the personal power center and learned the European culture that things happen in the heart.

Perhaps we could assume that love is a quality derived from the liver, which helps us connect our power with another person's power. Integration to the extent that a strong foundation is formed can only occur by using our pure power.

First, we need to start cleansing the liver so that the power of our ancestors can reopen in the sacred organ, and there is a chance to taste the water of the ancient Saaremaa thunder kingdom's exhausted springs.

Indeed, there was a desire to create a thunder kingdom in Saaremaa, which would have protected the local area from crusaders, but unfortunately, it was not done, and now much of the heritage has been lost.

It must also be mentioned that poisoning the liver with strong drinks is a recent phenomenon because in ancient times, fermented beers, meads, and wines had low alcohol content since the yeast cultures were unable to reproduce in such a way as to produce very strong drinks, although the distillation of spirits began in the monasteries. Oh, those sinful monks!

Studying indigenous peoples such as Native Americans, Aborigines, and Eskimos, they become completely confused when exposed to European alcohol. They lack longer ancestral exposure to alcohol, and it seems they cannot handle strong drinks at all.

In a way, this is a blessing, but on the other hand, it is quite easy to collect a tax of power from them. Take away their power and make them a powerless nation. In the world, it is easy to see how indigenous peoples have been made sick through Western food industry. God protect them, but did God allow vodka to be brewed in monasteries?

During the First World War, the most eager frontline soldiers were schoolboys, temperance societies, and firefighters.

In the Soviet Union, on the other hand, drinking vodka was encouraged, and it made many a boy and man powerless. Alcoholism has led even the strongest men to the grave, but in the end, it is the children who must redeem those sins. Simply because collective trauma is passed down. Fortunately, remembering the rural folk, behind this trauma stands our collective skill of journeying through ages. Let us start journeying together through the ages.

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